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Thank you for showing an interest in the Virginia Patriots Wrestling program. The Virginia Patriots is a Travel Tournament Wrestling Program for wrestlers with experience, ages 8-14.vapatriotsteampic

The Virginia Patriots draws kids from the Gainesville/Haymarket/Brentsville/Bristow area; however, we are more than happy to accept kids from any area. We are interested in promoting the sport of wrestling and improving a participants skills as a wrestler. We don’t care what school they attend. It’s all about the wrestling.


The Virginia Patriots is a travel wrestling program.  The team will travel to different areas of Virgina, Maryland and Pennsylvania, to open wrestling tournaments that are close to Northern Virginia, however we also offer opportunities to travel outside our area for a different experience that can be a challenging and rich experience for our wrestlers.

Benefits of Wrestling for The Virginia Patriots

  • Unlimited number of kids in every weight class.
  • Kids DO NOT have to choose a weight class for the entire season. Let the boys eat and grow during the season. (Save cutting weight for high school)
  • Kids DO NOT have to managing (loose) weight. (Let’s wait for high school)
  • Kids choose what weight class to enter weekly.
  • No wrestle off’s for the “starting spot” on the team, EVERYONE wrestles.
  • Kids DO NOT have to worry about “getting” an exhibition match or not. (Everyone Wrestles)
  • There are plenty of matches for everyone. (It’s a tournament!)
  • Kids wrestle on a full matt, with real referees.


There are many skills someone needs to become the wrestler they aspire to be.  Technique, fundamentals, desire, sportsmanship and knowledge are all critical qualities to properly develop someone as a wrestler or as a young athlete.  The development of these qualities takes time.  It is the responsibility of parents and coaches to show patience and instill patience in the child through encouragement and support, as wrestling does not come quickly or easily to most.  Taking another step in competitive wrestling can be a difficult challenge for kids and parents.  Many kids who had success as a wrestler early in their career will discover difficult challenges ahead of them.  All kids grow and develop differently.  Some can mature physically faster than others, which can produce great success in any sport.  As all kids grow and develop, their strength, speed, endurance, and ability begins to balance out with most of the kids their age.  Practice and matches become more difficult and challenging.  Winning matches doesn’t come quite as easy and with less frequency.  A wrestler who had great success early in his career can find it difficult to work through these struggles.  Parents and coaches need to remain positive and encouraging to keep these young wrestlers inspired to continue wrestling.  It is a very difficult sport which is physically and mentally demanding.

Sports offers many opportunities for children and parents to learn lessons about life, as well as the skills necessary for success.  The Virginia Patriots Wrestling Program is a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn the skills necessary to be a successful wrestler and learn how to handle success and failure.  Success means they achieved a goal.  Those successes and achievements should be recognized and rewarded with praise, and then new goals should be set.  Failure means that they have fallen short of their goals, but giving up is not an option.  They will not give up as long as parents and coaches stay positive and use praise and encouragement as the backbone to our team.  The Patriots will have children at different levels of experience and skill.  One child’s accomplishment might be routine to another.  Teamwork and cooperation will be a common thread that will bond the kids as a team, and grow them as a wrestler and as a person.  No one team member will be more important than the other.  Our program’s goal will be for each wrestler to line up in a proper stance, perform wrestling moves using proper technique, developed through drilling and repetition, grasp an understanding of the sport of wrestling, learn to handle success and failure, and learn to compete and prepare them for the next level of wrestling.

Volunteer Support

We will need some assistance throughout the season with running aspects of the program.  If you would like to be involved, there are several areas where we could use you help such as, fund raiser coordinator, picture day coordinator, end of season banquet coordinator and help with the website.  Parents and volunteers who embrace the Patriots philosophy are welcome to be a part of the Patriots Wrestling Team

Who are the Patriots looking for?

The Virginia Patriots program is looking for volunteers and coaches who can be positive roll models, who will set an example of goods sportsmanship and good character.  The Patriots want coaches, volunteers and parents who will encourage and “Teach” every child, not just their own.  The Virginia Patriots wants coaches and volunteers who will “Teach” character qualities as well as sound wrestling.

The Patriots are looking for kids that have experience in wrestling, yet have an interest in learning something new and challenging.  We are looking for and will develop wrestlers who will come to practice ready to work and ready to learn.  The practices and matches are very competitive.  The wrestler who is preparing for a challenging season through practices, had work and a good attitude will discover success.  Wrestlers who do not take a serious approach in practice by preparing themselves physical and mentally or who have parents that are not committed to getting their son to practice, will have a poor experience and ultimately lose interest.

The Patriots are looking for parents who will trust our coaches to coach and work with their sons.  We are looking for parents that will represent the Patriot program with pride and dignity, demonstrate encouragement, character, respect, and sportsmanship towards all kids, coaches, referees and adults.


Poor sportsmanship by wrestlers, coaches or parents such as, teaching or encouraging the use of unethical and illegal moves, yelling at kids, fans, referees, score keepers, timers, coaches and officials and the uses of foul or profane language, will not be tolerated in the Patriots Wrestling program.  Poor sportsmanship by wrestlers, coaches or parents will result in you and your son’s removal from the Patriot Wrestling program.


If you are a parent that will be overly concerned about your child’s win loss record, or you want your child to “toughen up,” to be a killer, to be mean, nasty or “dominate,” if you want your child to cut a bunch of weight because you believe it gives him an advantage, if you are going to chew your child out each time he doesn’t win or perform to your expectations, this might NOT be the program you are looking for.  One of the goals the Patriots program has for the child is to provide a positive experience so the kid will want to continue wrestling in the future.

This is a program to introduce children to a higher level of wrestling, not to springboard them into a high school champion or a college scholarship recipient.  The hope and desire of the Virginia Patriots Wrestling program is to introduce your child to a more challenging wrestling experience, in a positive way.  If your son in allowed to grow as a wrestler, at his own pace, the chances are higher that they will want to continue wrestling when they enter middle school and high school.  It’s his wrestling experience, allow him to have it.

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